The Green-consumer survey in 2015 | 認定NPO法人 環境市民

The Green-consumer survey in 2015

By changing our shopping habits, we can change our society, and economy and make our lives more sustainable. Our campaign, Green-consumer action, is based on this belief. Ever since our organization was founded, we have been pioneering for the expansion of this campaign in Japan.
Citizens Environmental Foundation has conducted this survey to examine whether or not supermarkets sell sustainable products. We would like to thank all those who have cooperated with this survey.
The report is available on our website. More details can be found using the following link. For those who wish to read a paper copy, please contact us.
Download here
(PDF) * This report is only written in Japanese.

The survey was conducted to promote sustainable and ethical consumption by distributors and suppliers and to change the consumer lifestyle by:
1) showing the current state of commodities in supermarkets and coops etc. to see whether they supply goods that consider the effects they have on the environment, social justice and human health.
2) reporting their social activities as suppliers.
In addition, by doing this nationwide survey, the aim is to expand upon this community and relationship of like-minded people.