“Sydney diary” Ecological and ethical life in Sydney | 認定NPO法人 環境市民

“Sydney diary” Ecological and ethical life in Sydney

The act of consuming has made us materially wealthy but at the cost of damaging the environment, threatening the health, safety and lives of humans and has had a huge impact on livestock.
How can we change our current lifestyles and consumption habits?
How should citizens, NGOs and other organizations like the local community respond to this issue?
With those questions in mind, Mariko Arikawa, our coordinator, went to Australia for 3 months (from December 2014 to February 2015) to join the NGO Study Programme supported by the Foreign Ministry where she trained with the local NGO, Ethical Consumers Australia.
This booklet contains the details of that training and real-life experiences with many photographs of local life in Australia. We would also like to share information about sustainable and ethical consumption with hints on how to put that knowledge into action on a daily basis by publishing this booklet.
This booklet was supported by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (MOFA), NGO Overseas Study Programme 2015.
The booklet costs 800 JPY, and is available only in Japan. Please ask our office for details.
It may take about a week to deliver.
(Email: life@kankyoshimin.org Telephone: 075-211-2521 10am-6pm on weekdays)
* This booklet is written only in Japanese.